​​​​​Greg Kincaid.

Copyright © Greg Kincaid All rights Reserved


...the main character, Ted Day, and his dog set out on a long overdue vacation in an effort to answer life’s really Big Question.  What is my life purpose?            

​Ted is a little shaky on the right coordinates for this kind of a trip. Thankfully for him, coming from the opposite direction,  he meets Angel Two Sparrow, Native American Spiritual Consultant, and her dog, No Barks.   Eager to help, she invites Ted and his dog to join her and No Barks on their journey across America.  They stop and spend time with three of Angel’s friends: a Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist.  Ted hopes that he can learn from each of Angel’s friends the answer to the Big Question.             

​I hope you’ll consider joining Ted and Angel on their journey.  In the end, it’s the same journey we’re all on—trying to find love, purpose and meaning in our lives.